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Abuse of women increasing during pandemic: report

Information collected from women’s shelters across Canada suggests pandemic lockdowns have prevented women from leaving their abusers and that there has been an increase in the severity of violence they have experienced.  ‘An abuser’s dream’  “Isolation is an abuser’s dream,” »


COVID-19 frustrations: Abuse, threats against health officials, polticians

With the arrival of the pandemic and rapid increase in positive cases and deaths, politicians on the advice of their health officials, instituted lockdowns  and other restrictions. Many people, in spite of government emergency funding programmes, have found themselves in »

L-R: Link team Marie-Claude, Terry, Lynn, Marc


The LINK Online, May 10,11,12, 2019

Your hosts Terry, Lynn, Marie-Claude, Marc (video of show at bottom) Dire warning from U.N. on survival of species, and humans The very strong warning comes from scientists from around the world who contributed to the first comprehensive report on »

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Drunk driving law: Charter of Rights challenge (interview)

Case may eventually make it to the Supreme Court of Canada (public commenting is open on all RCI stories at bottom- comments will be shown after examination) The case begins with an elderly woman who went to a liquor store »


Abuse in amateur sports back in the headlines

Canada’s public broadcaster, CBC, has revealed that over the last 20 years at least 222 coaches involved in amateur sports have been convicted of sexual offences.  The cases have involved more than 600 victims under 18 years old. In the »


Coalition seeks independent body to deal with athlete abuse

A coalition of different sports organizations, researchers and retired athletes wants the government to establish a single, independent body to handle abuse, harassment and discrimination against athletes. “Right now we’re in a system that’s self-regulated,” says Ashely LaBrie, executive director »

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Canada must act to protect independent journalism, says lawyer

A Canadian lawyer is calling on the government to change Canada’s law so that a criminal act against a journalist carries a stiffer than usual penalty. Toronto lawyer David Butt says this would send a message to the world about »


Alcohol killing more women in Canada

A report on the state of public health in Canada found that between  2011 and 2017 states there was a 26 per cent increase in alcohol-attributed deaths among women. At the same time there was a five per cent increase »

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Mobile phones: too much time for children and parents

A new poll found some perhaps not so surprising results regarding cell phone use. Some 54 per cent of teens asked said they spent too much time on their phones while two-thirds of parents were concerned over their children’s use »

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Parliamentary Debate: Papal apology for role in disastrous residential schools.

Today the Canadian Parliament will begin debate  on whether to ask Pope Francis to issue a formal apology for the role of the Catholic Church in the tragic residential school system That system was an over 100 year bitterly dark »