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Journalism groups hand out secrecy award

Law is ‘in shambles,’ says CJFE Four journalists’ groups have given out the second of their secrecy “awards” to highlight what they say is a need for substantive reform to Canada’s access-to-information law. The law is designed to give the »

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Changes to information law fall short, say activists

While some proposed changes to Canada’s Access to Information Act are welcome, activists say they do not go far enough. This law allows Canadians to request information from the government and it provides for an independent Information Commissioner to handle »

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Access to information fees waived

The Canadian government is immediately withdrawing all but a five-dollar application fee for people requesting information from government agencies under the Access to Information law. It has also ordered its agencies to make documents available in the format that is »

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Canada’s Information Commissioner finds erosion of access to information, ‘culture of secrecy’

“There has been a steady erosion of access to information rights in Canada over the last 30 years” says Canada’s Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault. “Although the Act was intended to shine a light on government decisions, it has become a »

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Canada’s Information Commissioner concerned by ‘fragility’ of access to info system

“Access to information is a fundamental pillar of a functioning democracy,” says Canada’s Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault in her latest annual report, and adds she feels the system is in a fragile state: “I continue to have serious concerns about the »