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Technology can help people get more active

Technology has lured Canadians into spending more time sitting in front of screens, but it can also offer great tools to help people become more active. There are wearables that can be used to set goals and measure activity, apps »

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UN issues new guidelines for very young children’s health

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends children under five spend less time sitting watching screens or restrained in prams and seats, that they get better quality sleep and have more time for active play. These are included in new guidelines »

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This Sunday, Soil Your Undies!

No, not like that!- It’s an annual campaign by the Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC)  for people to check the health of the soil on  their property.  This could include your lawn, garden, flowerbed, agricultural field, or soils in »

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Don’t put kids on diets, warn dietitians

Childhood obesity rates have not gone down in the last decades and are at their highest level ever, according to a recent study. But dietitians say it is a mistake to put children on diets. Danger of eating disorders “I »

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Canadian children don’t walk, bike enough

Canadian young people use active transportation far less than they used to according to a report by Active Healthy Kids Canada. 58 per cent of parents walked to school when they were children. Only 28 per cent of their own »

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Children’s sport: No winners, no losers?

A group promoting sports activity in Canada says that to inspire children to get involved in sports and maintain that interest, the idea of keeping scores should be stopped. Richard Way is the project lead for Long-Term Athlete Development, with »