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History: Sept 15, 1971, the Canadian origins of Greenpeace

The Greenpeace environmental movement is known worldwide now, with offices in over 40 countries, and almost 3 million supporters. It is generally agreed that this date, September 15, 1971, marks the beginning of the international movement that began in Canada. »

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‘Screening Truth to Power – A Reader on Documentary Activism’

For 10 years Cinema Politica, a Montreal-based media arts, non-profit network, has been getting people together to watch documentaries and hold discussions in what they call documentary activism, and have been very successful. It started off in a classroom at »

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‘Fear of a Black Nation’, new book on Black activism and 1960s Montreal

In the 1960s, the city of Montreal became a focus for Black Power and the Caribbean left according to a just released new book by David Austin. “Montreal had played an important, significant… historical role within the Black Diaspora in »