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Obesity and addictive behaviour?

Are obese people addicted to food? It’s an often proposed idea and something researchers in Montreal investigated Dr Alain Dagher (MD. FRCP) supervised the research team. He is a professor in the department of neurology at the Montreal Neurological Institute »

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Video game addiction to be recognized by UN

In June 2018, the World Health Organization will include gaming disorder in its International Classification of Diseases.  While the condition is not that common in Canada and the world, it can be serious when it strikes. Addiction impairs ability to »


High-dose opioid prescriptions decrease, but not much

More than 40,000 people in the province of Ontario were given new prescriptions for high doses of opioid drugs in 2016, despite Canada’s worsening opioid crisis. That was a decrease of 25,000 new starts, or two per cent, from 2013. »

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Smartphone producers need to do more to stop kids from getting addicted to devices

Apple and other smartphone producers need to do more to fight addiction to these ubiquitous devices among children, says a Canadian global affairs analyst and a former spokesperson for UNICEF. Michael Bociurkiw’s call comes as two major Apple investors – »

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You are being manipulated by your phone

You may think you’re in control, but perhaps not. The people who design apps for you phones and other electronic devices know more about us than we do. They use well-known techniques and design them into the coding of the »

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Proposed deal on OxyContin is called a ‘betrayal’

A Globe and Mail editorial is calling a proposed legal settlement with Purdue Pharma over its painkiller OxyContin “a betrayal of Canadians.” While this deal would have Purdue pay $20-million now, ten years ago legal action in the U.S. led »


New book offers advice on treating addiction

Canadian researchers have compiled a book to provide evidence-based guidance for health care workers on how to treat addictions. Formal treatment for addiction is a relatively new field of practice, so clinicians have little training in it, says James MacKillop, »

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Students want pot revenues spent on mental health, addiction help

Some students at the University of Alberta want the government of their western province to take revenue raised from the sale of marijuana and spend it on mental health and addiction initiatives. The Canadian government is planning to legalize the »

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Study links internet addiction to mental health problems

A new study suggests that 42 per cent of 18 year old students are addicted to the internet and they have more mental health problems than those who are not. Researchers at McMaster University devised a new measure to determine »

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Street drugs ‘never more scary,’ says doctor

Health officials in the western city of Vancouver have found that 86 per cent of street drugs brought to a safe injection facility tested positive for fentanyl, a drug responsible for hundreds of fatal overdoses. Fentanyl is said to be »