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Federal election 2019, International, Politics

Social media and the battle over political adverts

Social media has become a battleground for political parties especially during election campaigns. Now two of the giants have taken completely different attitudes. One will ban all political partisan adverts, the other will allow them and with no fact checking. »

Health, Society

Vaping illness report raises alarm in Canada

In light of a recent report from the Mayo Clinic in the U.S., the Canadian Cancer Society is calling for urgent action and regulation of vaping. Over 1,000 people have developed a sudden respiratory illness and at least 16 have »

Health, International

Pass law banning harmful food ads to children, urges non-profit

The Heart & Stroke Foundation is urging the government to pass its proposed law which would ban the advertising of foods high in fat, salt and sugar to children. The consumption of these foods is links with chronic diseases and »

Internet, Science & Technology, Politics

Facebook to control political ads in Canada

Facebook has announced plans to comply with a new Canadian law aimed at preventing foreign interference in elections. There will be a federal election in October 2019 and the social media giant says its “ads transparency tools” will be launched »


Union ad blasts GM for Canadian plant closure

The union representing workers at the General Motors vehicle assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario has released a video as part of a major ad campaign against the plant’s closure later this year. The ad focuses on what Unifor calls “GM’s »


Pressure mounts to ban junk food marketing to children

The Canadian government has just closed its online public consultations on the plan to ban unhealthy food advertising aimed at children. A coalition of 12 non-governmental organizations will keep up the pressure for it to restrict the commercial marketing of »


What are you giving away when you access free Wi-Fi?

Free access to the internet is offered in many public locations in Canada, but increasingly it is being used to send ads to individuals using it. Many people do not read the terms and conditions when signing in to Wi-Fi »

Health, Politics, Society

Group demands a stop to the marketing unhealthy foods to kids

“The food and beverage industry is marketing our children and youth to death,” says the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.  It has produced a new report which found unlimited advertising has dramatically increased the consumption of unhealthy food and »

Federal election 2015, Politics

Distorted election ads annoy ethnic communities

Conservative Party advertising targeting Chinese and Punjabi-speaking voters claims that Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau supports the sale of marijuana to children, the expansion of safe injection sites and the establishment of neighbourhood brothels. The attack ads include misleading claims »

Economy, Society

What bothers Canadians about advertising and commercials?

When Canadians complain about advertising, they’re mostly concerned by inaccurate or misleading information, that’s according to the latest Ad Complaints Report of 2013, released by Advertising Standards Canada (ASC). Advertising on television attracted the most number of complaints, followed by »