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Bombardier announces 2,500 layoffs in response to COVID-19 pandemic

Bombardier Aviation announced that they are going to lay off about 2,500 workers due to the challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a press release from the company on Friday.  The company said that the business jet sales are »

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Canada History Feb 20, 1959; Death of a national dream

It was truly a “black Friday”. The date was February 20th, 1959.  It was sudden, it was unexpected, it was brutal. An announcement from Canada’s Parliament that Friday immediately affected thousands of workers at the AV Roe aerospace plant near »


Quebec to invest $1 billion US in Bombardier

Canada’s largest aerospace company Bombardier Inc. will get a $1 billion US investment from the Quebec government as the over-budget CSeries jetliner project continues to drain the planemaker’s cash reserves. Quebec agreed to buy 49.5 per cent of the CSeries »

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NDP vows to boost aerospace industry if elected

Canada’s aerospace industry has seen hundreds of layoffs this year, but Tom Mulcair, leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) promises to help if he is elected to form the next federal government on October 19th. Bombardier announced the layoff »

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History, April 18, 1950; The “jet age” began in Canada

The Americans for all their wealth and technological power, had never seen anything like it. From a documentary “too good to be true” the Jetliner peels off like a fighter jet, in fact the later Cf-100 fighter jet bore some »

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History: March 25, 1958- an amazing dream takes flight

Shortly before 10:00 AM on that day, the distinctive roar of military jet engines was heard in Malton just outside Toronto. First two jet fighters rolled down the runway, a Canadian built CF-100, and a Canadian contract built CF-86. They »

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Shift of human resources work to Mexico part of Bombardier layoffs

Canadian aerospace and train manufacturer Bombardier will transfer some human resources positions from its Montreal facility to Mexico as part of the layoffs announced in January, according to a Canadian Press report by Ross Marowits Friday (February 21). The human resources move »

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Black Friday 1959, Avro Arrow- the death of a future legend

It was on February 20th  1959, a day that became known as “black Friday”, that a sudden and unexpected announcement from the nation’s capital shocked the many thousands of workers at an aerospace plant near Toronto, Ontario. Canada’s then Prime »

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Canadian aerospace industry needs sales expertise

Is it our reputation as a polite people, nice people, that make sales, promotion and public relations a challenge?  These are some of the areas, according to Isabelle Dostaler, that Canada’s aerospace industry needs to develop in order to remain competitive.While our industry ranks »