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Canada History: Apr. 17, 2002-Afghan tragedy “I’m rollin in”

With those fatal words, “I’m rollin’ in in self defence” a U.S fighter pilot descended on a group of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, dropped a bomb, and killed four and wounded eight. These would represent the first Canadian deaths in »

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Soldiers’ memorial to fallen Canadians in Afghanistan not open to families, veterans

‘An Insult’: Families of fallen and veterans not invited to dedication (public comments open on all stories- will be added after moderating) It was a memorial built by Canadian Forces members in Afghanistan to honour their fallen comrades and was »

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Humanitarian groups warn of growing attacks on schools in Afghanistan

A global coalition of NGOs working to advance education of children in conflict zones says recent gains in expanding access to education that have allowed millions of Afghan boys and girls to enroll in school are at risk due to »

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Afghanistan aid money: Billions wasted, little improvement

The latest report by a government oversight agency says  billions of dollars in aid money to Afghanistan has been siphoned off. The report by the “Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction” cites ongoing issues of corruption, lack of oversight, and »

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Remembrance- Poppy Campaign begins

Remembering sacrifice of war Every year on the last Friday of October the Royal Canadian Legion begins its annual poppy campaign. The two week campaign leads up to November 11, the day of remembrance which marks the coming into force »

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Canada’s biggest battle since WWII and Korea

It was in Afghanistan in 2006,  (video interview below) A new book by Major-General David Fraser talks of that battle in his book , Operation Medusa Canadians were sent to Afghanistan to help rebuild the country and wrest it away »

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Foreign correspondents and immigrants: what they leave behind them

It may seem an unusual connection − foreign correspondents and immigrants, but it turns out they both leave a lot behind them, though not really the same kinds of things. Carol Off, Canadian journalist and radio host, spent significant time reporting »

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Suicide risk greater among veterans: study

Canadians who have served in the military are at greater risk of intentionally ending their lives than are those who have not, according to data collected by the government. The facts from over 37 years were analysed to help the »

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Canada will not return to Afghanistan: government

Despite renewed calls by U.S. President Donald Trump and NATO to beef up forces providing training and advice to the embattled Afghan army and police fighting a losing battle against multiple insurgent groups, the Liberal government remains steadfast in its »

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Despite expected U.S. troop hike, no victory in sight in Afghan war: expert

While U.S. President Donald Trump opened the door on Monday to beefing up U.S. forces in Afghanistan, the best he can hope for is “no victory, no defeat” in America’s longest war, says a Canadian expert. Speaking before a crowd »