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Study says relax your brain and live longer

It seems counterintuitive, calm your brain activity, and you live longer. That’s seemingly the results of a new American research study led by researchers at the Harvard Medical School in Boston. Others say this research should not replace the “use »

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Canada ill-prepared for aging population

Although most won’t know it, Oct. 1 is “National Seniors Day” in Canada. Not a holiday, it is however a day declared by the federal government as a time to appreciate and celebrate seniors, generally considered age 65 and above. »

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Why it’s getting harder to listen to someone in a crowd

You’re at a party, or a gathering or crowd of some sort and there’s a lot of background noise. You’re trying to have a conversation with someone but it’s hard to understand them. It’s probably your age, and not your »

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Live long and prosper

With apologies to Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, one might question the “prospering” aspect, but a new report says Canadians are living longer. The information comes from Canada’s official statistics gathering agency, Statistics Canada, which released figures from 2010-11 and 2012-13 »

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Canadian research creates ‘fountain of youth’, (or close to it)

The fountain of youth is supposed to reverse ageing.  We’re not there yet, but maybe we can slow the effects of ageing, and improve brain function and retain the senses of sight and smell in the process. Researchers using a »


Canada’s population figures

It seems Canada is growing faster than other G7 countries, but not as fast as it has been in the past. The Canadian statistical information agency, Statistics Canada has just released its latest population estimates. It indicates that as of »

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Canada now has its own International Longevity Centre.

In terms of its population, Canada is ageing. There are now more people in this country who are over the age of 65 than there are under the age of 15. Canada now joins the ranks of some 17 other »

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95-year old track and field phenom Olga Kotelko passes away

Just this past March, West Vancouver’s Olga Kotelko set eight world records at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary.  This, at 95 years young. The star athlete was still nimble and in remarkable physical shape, but Kotelko suffered a »