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Coyote concerns again after aggressive behaviour and attacks

A woman and her friends in Kamloops, British Columbia, had a terrible experience after  they, their dogs, and a pack of coyotes tangled. Kristin Simkins was walking her two large dogs along with her friends two large dogs along a »

Politics, Society

81-year old woman “shocked” at Antifa bullying

Will meet with police today; son calls protesters “thugs” Last Sunday the leader of the right-leaning People’s Party of Canada (PPC) was to speak at a Hamilton college as part of the ongoing federal election campaign. Both supporters and opponents »

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Bird study may link genes to aggression

Male ruffs come in three distinct varieties and that may help scientists understand what causes aggression in other animals, including humans. Biologists at Simon Fraser University in western Canada have isolated the genes which make the male birds to different »