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Nitrogen fertilizer, N2O, farming, and a ‘worst case’ climate scenario; study

While most have heard about the great concern from carbon dioxide and global warming/climate change resulting from burning of fossil fuels, methane gas has become another concern. Released from being from sources such as thawing permafrost and from livestock herds. »


What are ‘stock tanks”? Seems they’re the new cool pool

Livestock watering tanks are the new trend for city dwellers. Actually stock tanks or “watering troughs” are big containers, usually of galvanised steel, that one can see on farms to provide water for livestock. Available in a variety of sizes, »

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Canadian grain processor to refuse crops with pre-harvest glyphosate

Another major grain processor in Canada  has said it will no longer accept oat crops that have been sprayed with glyphosate used as a pre-harvest dessicant starting as of January 2021. Glyphosate has become a controversial herbicide used as the »

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CleanFARMS; Agricultural plastic waste recovery on track and growing

Begun back in 2010 Cleanfarms is a non-profit industry effort to recover and recycle the vast amount of single-use plastics used in the agricultural industry. Mostly an ‘unseen’ issue, farms and the agricultural sector use enormous quantities of large and »

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Spike of COVID-19 cases reported among temporary farm workers in Ontario

Authorities and health workers continue their efforts to cope with a spike of COVID 19 cases among migrant workers in south-central and southwestern Ontario. The spike is the latest in a series of crises the industry has faced this year »

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Ottawa unveils $272M aid package for Canadian farmers and agrifood businesses

The federal government is providing an “initial amount” of $252 million to Canadian farmers and food processors to help them weather the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday. Trudeau announced a new $77 million fund »


COVID-19 threatens Canada’s food supply, farmers warn

Canada’s domestic food supply needs to be the federal government’s highest priority following healthcare in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, says the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA). Mary Robinson, president of the CFA, which represents more than 200,000 farmers »

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Temporary foreign workers will be allowed into Canada

One of the critical concerns of Canadian food producers in the midst of the coronavirus crisis is that of temporary foreign workers (TFW) and seasonal agricultural foreign workers. Last week the federal government announced travel bans into Canada for non-residents, »

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Book: From ‘Dirt to Dinner’-Teaching children about where food comes from

Where does food come from? Do kids really know? It’s an interesting question and the fact is that as society becomes more urbanised, more children don’t realize that food, their hamburgers, bread, eggs, milk, breakfast cereal etc, originates on a »

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Canadians, farming, food: medium interest, but far less knowledge

We simply cannot survive without food. As food comes from farms one might think there’d be considerable interest in knowing or wanting to know at least a little about how one’s food is created. Apparently not. A new Canadian study »