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Autonomous delivery trucks to start in Canada

First autonomous delivery fleet in Canada The idea of ‘driverless’ vehicles has been growing rapidly in recent years with tests and some ‘semi-autonomous’ vehicles already on the road. Now a major grocery chain has signed a deal with a U.S. »

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More admission of police use of controversial facial recognition technology

With several cases already revealed of Canadian police admission of using the high tech facial recognition comes another, this time by the federal Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The technology has raised concerns over privacy issues with hints of the incursion »

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AI comes to grocery shopping in Canada

The second largest supermarket grocery chain in Canada is rolling out new technology. They’re calling it the “smart cart”.  Using terminology like “enhance the shopping experience” and describing the technology as a “highly-engaging, fun and fast way to shop” the »

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Training brain surgeons with VR and AI

It’s a technology that is revolutionising surgical training. When a surgeon starts to work on you, you’d like them to be experienced. Typically though that comes with practice. Now as in the airline industry, that practice and dealing with unexpected »

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Disappearing cashiers: self check-out replacing people

Retail self-checkout: a trend but with backlash More and more stores are reducing cashiers and replacing them with self checkouts. But unlike ATM’s or self-serve gas stations, they are still not widely accepted by clients. However, it might be an »

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Survey shows women fear AI, automation job loss

A recent survey commissioned by the Ranstad Canada company echoes other surveys and information that automation and AI (artificial intelligence) could result in significant job loss. The survey found that 30 per cent of women working in a wide variety »

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Robots and AI may take your job

New survey shows worldwide worry Think about it, when driverless vehicles come on-stream, what happens to literally millions of bus drivers, taxi drivers, and the huge variety of truck and delivery drivers. And that’s just the start. RCI: Feb 2018: »

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Ban autonomous killer robots, urge AI researchers

Members of Canada’s artificial intelligence (AI) community want Canada to spearhead a movement to ban autonomous killing machines. Government representatives, advocacy groups and academics from around the world are meeting in Geneva this week to discuss so-called killer robots. Machines »