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Canadian grain farmers say U.S. farm subsidies threaten their survival

Eastern Canada grain farmers demand action from Trudeau “Farmers need to be able to cover the cost of production or many of them will not be able to survive much longer.”reads a public statement from farm organisations in eastern Canada. »

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Afghanistan aid money: Billions wasted, little improvement

The latest report by a government oversight agency says  billions of dollars in aid money to Afghanistan has been siphoned off. The report by the “Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction” cites ongoing issues of corruption, lack of oversight, and »

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Syrian children denied access to humanitarian aid

UNICEF Canada warns 55,000 children and their families are cut off from basic lifesaving humanitarian assistance in southwestern Syria. The aid agency is renewing calls for the UN Security Council to pressure the Syrian government and all parties to the »


Canada promises millions for Palestinian relief

The Canadian government is pledging to contribute up to $10 million in emergency humanitarian aid for Palestinian refugees. The government says this will help meet “urgent humanitarian needs” by providing food assistance to over one million people living in the »

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Children increasingly targeted in war: UNICEF appeals for help

Children are not just innocent casualties of conflict, but increasingly they are deliberately targeted, says UNICEF. This United Nations agency devoted to helping children makes the point as it launches this year’s appeal for $3.5 billion US to help 48 »

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South Sudan famine averted but millions still face hunger

South Sudan is no longer classified as being in famine following an increase in international aid, but the country is experiencing the most alarming levels of food insecurity in its history, according to a newly released United Nations report. According »

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Red Cross needs $400 million for Africans facing famine

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is appealing for funding so it can help five million out of the 20 million people facing famine or the risk of it in Somalia, Yemen, South Sudan and Nigeria. ICRC is »

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Canada pledges $605.5M at World Humanitarian Summit

Canada’s Minister of International Development Marie-Claude Bibeau today pledged an additional $331.5 million in humanitarian assistance funding at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey. Speaking to RCI from Istanbul, Bibeau’s parliamentary secretary Liberal MP Karina Gould said the announcement »

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Canada adds to Syrian relief contributions

The Canadian government announced it will contribute $100 million to help communities stricken by the Syrian crisis. Private citizens responded to campaigns by charitable organizations and donated $31.8 million. As promised, the government will match that amount and give it »


Probiotics could change lives in Africa: scientist

A researcher at Canada’s Western University donated a strain of probiotics which is permitting Africans to make a much healthier yogurt. Gregor Reid is a foremost expert on these bacteria which have now been freeze-dried to deliver in easy-to-use one-gram »