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Arctic airport, upgrades to deal with climate change

$22 million set aside for climate related upgrades Canada’s far north has been cited as one of the fastest warming regions on Earth. Many areas across the Arctic have been dealing with rapid permafrost melt and changing weather patterns and» 


Toronto airport runway setup risks crashes

The unusual configuration of some of the runways at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport poses a risk of collision, according to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB). The board says there were 27 occasions between June 2012 and November 2017» 

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Canadian airports relax attitude on medical marijuana

Marijuana is still illegal in Canada, except if you have a prescription to possess small amounts for medical reasons. Previously, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority agents (CATSA) would call the police when a passenger was found in possession of marijuana.» 

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If it looks like a falcon, flies like a falcon, it must be….a drone?

The company behind the technology call this drone a robot-bird or “ro-bird” and it’s being trialed at a major Canadian airport for the first time. Aircraft and birds don’t mix well at all. When they collide, it can be anywhere» 

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Airport expands to handle lobster export boom

Halifax Stanfield International Airport in eastern Canada has expanded to accommodate an increase in the export of lobster, reports Canadian Press. It’s expected $15 million worth of lobster will be shipped by the end of December to as far away» 

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Canada’s prime minister greets Syrian refugees

They were delayed and it was after midnight, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was at Toronto’s Pearson Airport to personally welcome the first large group  of Syrian refugees (163) that arrived on December 11, 2015. “You are home,” he said.» 


Strike notice at Vancouver airport ahead of holiday weekend

Strike averted, see August 30 update below Hundreds of workers at Canada’s second busiest airport in Vancouver could be on strike this holiday weekend, and as early as Friday. Local 20221 of the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees (UCTE) informed»