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Canada to introduce mandatory temperature screening in airports, says Trudeau

The federal government plans to introduce mandatory temperature screening for air passengers and airport employees, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday. Speaking at his daily pandemic briefing in Ottawa, Trudeau said the government plans to adopt the screening measures through »


Airport satisfaction improves in three Canadian cities

If you’re flying to Canada you may want to know that an independent survey suggests passengers are more satisfied with three major airports mostly in terms of food, beverage and retail services as well as security checks. A survey by »

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They have a category for that?

Scenic airports You wouldn’t necessarily think of airports as being “scenic” but yes there is a category for the best scenic airports in the world It’s the PrivateFly Scenic Airport annual survey. This year Toronto’s Billy Bishop City Airport (Toronto »

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Air travel: prepare for longer waits to get into the U.S.

Starting today Canadians, and others are being told it will take a little longer to be cleared to travel to the U.S. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced it is beginning “enhanced security measures”. Travellers heading into the U.S. »


Business calls for faster airport screening

A coalition of business groups wants the Canadian government to make airports more competitive to enhance tourism and economic activity, reports Canadian Press (CP). London’s Heathrow and Hong Kong International airports require 95 per cent of passengers to be screened »

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Winnipeg forum on challenges facing Canadian aviation, cheap U.S. tickets, regulations

According to the Winnipeg Press newspaper the city of Winnipeg’s Richardson International Airport lost about 100,000 potential passengers to the Grand Forks airport in the United States, representing about 2.7 percent of the passengers who went through the airport. The Winnipeg »