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Huge oilsands project cancelled in light of protests over resource development

Even as protests continue over a proposed natural gas (Coastal GasLink) line in northern B.C., and continued opposition to an oil pipeline (TransMountain) from Alberta to the Pacific, a huge oilsands mine project has been cancelled. Teck resources said the» 

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Largest Canadian solar farm to begin operating next year

Construction on what will be Canada’s largest solar farm is set to begin later this year.  After receiving an investment of $500 million from Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, the Greengate Power Corporation will begin to construct the Travers Solar Farm. It» 

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Pipeline project clears one hurdle, but divides Canadians

The ever controversial Trans-Mountain Pipeline project passed another legal hurdle at the Supreme Court of Canada, but faces another in the seemingly growing opposition in the court of public opinion according the latest public opinion survey. When stiff public opposition» 

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Canada- too cold for penguins

It’s a big daily winter event that attracts a lot of visitors to the Calgary zoo. Every day, the staff take the several king penguins for a little waddle around the zoo which takes about 15 minutes much to the» 

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Helium: the new ‘oil’ for western Canada

As there is a slowdown in the western Canadian oil industry, a new player is picking up the slack; helium. In the universe, helium is the second most common element after hydrogen, but that’s in the universe. Here on Earth,» 

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‘Picture a Farmer’: new documentary to dispel farming myths

The fact is that most people give very little thought to where their food comes from, or who’s producing it. Filmmaker Kelsey van Moorsel is from a farming background in Alberta and found that many people in the urban centres» 

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Sniffer dogs now detecting crop disease

We know that dogs have a vastly superior sense of smell compared to humans.  They have up to 300 million olfactory sensors in the nose compared to our roughly six million. The part of their brain which analyses smell is» 


Western Canadian separatist group applies for federal party status

A separatist political movement calling for the Western Canadian province of Alberta to leave Canada has begun the process to become a federal political party, CBC News reports. Elections Canada has received Wexit Alberta’s application and has begun the verification» 


Alberta tables austerity budget to rein in spending

Alberta’s United Conservative Party says it plans to cut public sector jobs, end the freeze on post-secondary tuition, chop municipal funding and delay infrastructure projects in hopes of returning the oil-rich Western Canadian province to a balanced budget by 2023.» 

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Trudeau vows to complete controversial oil pipeline

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says completing the expansion of the controversial Trans Mountain Pipeline project “as soon as possible” remains one of the top priorities of his minority government as he seeks to reassure voters in Alberta and Saskatchewan that»