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D-Day 75: preparing for a major anniversary of war − Juno Beach Centre

We are just a couple of months away from a major event in Normandy France. June 6,1944 saw the greatest seaborne invasion in history with vast numbers of Allied troops landing on the beaches to free Europe from Nazi occupation.» 

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100th Anniversary of the pivotal battle of WWI

By spring 1917 the First World War had stagnated into a war of attrition. Other than an initial victory by the Serbs at Mt Cer in 1914, the Allied forces had suffered many defeats and no real progress since the» 


April 09, Battle for Vimy Ridge survey shows importance to Canadians.

It is often cited as Canada’s “coming of age”. On the eve of one of the most important battles in Canadian history, a new poll shows that most Canadians agree with that assessment. In the early hours of a cold»