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The LINK Online, Oct.11,12,13, 2019

Your hosts, Lynn, Marc, with guest Stephane Parent, host of RCI’s French language programme  (video of show at bottom) Canadian election, debate of the leaders in French There have now been two official debates among the record number of federal »

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Eye scan may soon permit early detection of Alzheimer’s

Canadian researchers are testing a new technology that could be widely used for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease which causes problems with memory, thinking and behaviour. Current tests involve PET scans or spinal taps. But a new technology has been »

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Low scam awareness predicts dementia: study

A new study has found that decreased awareness about phone scams may be an early indicator of impending Alzheimer dementia and its precursor, mild cognitive impairment. Researchers at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago tested 151 people for their »


Canada working toward national dementia strategy

It’s a bit of scary statistic: one in five baby boomers will likely develop dementia. A new report looks at how to improve the lives of those living with dementia and that of their caregivers. One of the authors is »

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Problems identifying smells may predict Alzheimer’s: study

A new study out of McGill University suggests that testing someone’s ability to identify smells could reveal the presence of Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms appear. This is important because early detection of dementia could eventually allow for early treatment »

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The McIntyre Powder case: miners and neurological disease: Update

Several years ago, Janice Martell’s father developed Parkinson’s but there was no history of that in the family. However Jim Hobbs had been a miner, and was among those obliged by the mine to inhale clouds of microscopic aluminium powder »

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Early detection of possible dementia: simply walking and talking at the same time

It’s a simple test, but it turns out that it’s also a fairly effective one. Patients with mild-cognitive disorder are being asked to walk a short distance while performing a very simple mental task such as naming various animals. Dr. »

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Canadian research creates ‘fountain of youth’, (or close to it)

The fountain of youth is supposed to reverse ageing.  We’re not there yet, but maybe we can slow the effects of ageing, and improve brain function and retain the senses of sight and smell in the process. Researchers using a »

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McIntyre Powder: inhaling aluminium powder to prevent lung disease

It’s an almost unbelievable story, but for decades miners in many countries around the world were told to inhale microscopic particles of aluminium as a preventative against silicosis of the lungs. Elliot Lake in northern Ontario, is a well-known mining »

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Canadian advance in solving brain disease

Brain disease is mysterious, deadly,  and in the interim extremely troubling to the victim and to family and friends. It’s also troubling to medical researchers who are constantly looking for ways to combat diseases for which, as of yet, little »