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COVID-19: ‘Virus fatigue’- protection measures and concerns weakening

After three months of lockdowns and rules about staying home and social distancing, it seems more people are starting to ignore the advice. Although infection cases seem to be on a decline, health officials are still advising on things like »

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‘Normal’ seems months off say Canadians: Survey

A new survey of Canadians’ thoughts on the pandemic indicate most think things won’t return to a kind of ‘normal’ for several months yet. In March, about a third of Canadians polled (30%) thought that might be up to six »

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Pipeline project clears one hurdle, but divides Canadians

The ever controversial Trans-Mountain Pipeline project passed another legal hurdle at the Supreme Court of Canada, but faces another in the seemingly growing opposition in the court of public opinion according the latest public opinion survey. When stiff public opposition »

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New survey shows continued division in Canada

The federal election last year showed that during the last four years the country has become deeply divided. The Liberals under Justin Trudeau were re-elected but with a minority government largely due to support in southern Ontario, Quebec and the »

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The ‘royals’ in Canada: Welcome but pay your own way

A recent poll showed that a majority of Canadians would not be averse to seeking Prince Harry become the next Governor-General of Canada. While that is rather unlikely- rules say the G-G must be a Canadian citizen- if taken at »

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New poll finds Canadians oppose sending prescription drugs to U.S.

The overwhelming majority of Canadians are against the Trump administration’s plans to import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, according to a new opinion poll. Last week, U.S. President Donald Trump called on U.S. Health Secretary Alex Azar to speed up »

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Eating healthy food: becoming too costly?

Canadians find it more difficult to choose healthy food options A recent survey has revealed that fully half of all Canadians say it’s becoming more difficult to buy healthy foods. About 40 per cent say that following the recent edition »

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Federal budget day: Canadians concerned about future

The federal Liberal government is about to introduce its fourth and final budget before the general election later this year. The government has proposed deficit budgets in each of the previous years adding greatly to the federal debt.  It is »

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International survey on nationality: Who is “accepted”

Who is a “real” …. (insert your country here) Does someone “belong” to your country, or not?  It seems there are about six categories of opinion according to the international polling agency Ipsos. A second survey just released by the »

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Canadians and their heavy debt load

A recent national survey indicated that nearly a majority of Canadians were concerned about their ability to repay debts with a third saying they didn’t earn enough to cover debts and obligations. On the heels of that survey, just a »