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Animal rights activists want action on “rampant” abuse in slaughterhouses.

Members of animal rights movement in Canada are relentless, possessing the determination of a collection of bulldogs. Activists are concerned about many things, including the treatment of farm animals, mammals in aquariums, domestic house pets, fish and poultry. One of »

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Canadian animal activists optimistic about the future of their cause

Say one thing for the people in Canada’s animal rights movement–there’s no quit in any of them. About 50 protesters gathered along a stretch of highway east of Ottawa in March, where a lion was shot dead after it escaped »

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Senate votes to move ahead with bill dear to animal activists

Canadian animal rights activists scored what they are calling a “huge victory” in the Senate on Thursday. The upper chamber’s fisheries committee voted to move forward with Bill S-203, legislation that would ban keeping whales and dolphins in Canadian aquariums. »

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Some big lifestyle changes may be coming for Canadians AND our animals

For the first time since 2007, Health Canada is planning some progressive changes to Canada’s Food Guide–changes that–if followed–will go a long way to make a whole lot of Canadians feel a whole lot better–and healthier. Make that Canadian humans »

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Restaurant chain’s decision to drop Alberta beef prompts criticism and questions

A decision by a Vancouver-based restaurant chain to stop serving Alberta beef has prompted a fierce backlash from Canadian politicians and cattle ranchers. It remains to be seen how dropping of Alberta beef will affect sales at the Earls restaurants, »

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Canadian animal welfare activists win another round for hens trapped in cages

Canadian animal welfare activists scored another victory on Tuesday when the Retail Council of Canada announced that it will move to sourcing cage-free eggs by 2025. Hard work by animal activists is helping more hens leave their old life behind. »