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Animal activists vow to fight on despite court decision

Animal activists are disappointed but not disheartened nor demoralized following a Supreme Court of Canada decision on Thursday that activists had hoped to win. While kids may love farm animals, activists say too many Canadians are taking sexual advantage of» 

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Animal rights bill makes its way into the House of Commons

As noted before on this site, Canadian animal rights activists are a determined lot, driven by a desire to speak for beings lacking the power to advocate for themselves. Supporters hope Bill C-246 would lead to the end of puppy» 

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Animal activists will get their day before Supreme Court of Canada

The thing about animal activists is they don’t give up–easily or ever. And maybe all the lobbying and the legal efforts are starting to pay off. Camille Labchuk, a lawyer, is director of legal advocacy for Animal Justice. © cbc.ca In»