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Animal rights activists say 2018 provided progress and hope

Animal activists, at least the ones I’ve met, tend to be generous, passionate and determined Most–again from my experience–are also relentless–relentless in their desire to protect the creatures who share this earth with the rest of us. Activists advocate. They »

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A carriage horse’s death in Montreal brings sadness and anger

The collapse and death of a carriage horse Sunday afternoon in Montreal is unlikely to alter the timing of the city’s upcoming ban on the use of the carriages–known locally as calèches–at the end of next year. Speaking to reporters, »

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The LINK Online, Sun 31 Dec, 2017

Your host: Terry Haig. For the second year in a row, rock singer Gord Downie, the front man for the Kingston, Ontario-based band, the Tragically Hip, was named Canada’s Newsmaker of the Year–for reasons that remain extremely sad. In May »

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Canadian animal activists optimistic about the future of their cause

Say one thing for the people in Canada’s animal rights movement–there’s no quit in any of them. About 50 protesters gathered along a stretch of highway east of Ottawa in March, where a lion was shot dead after it escaped »

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Some big lifestyle changes may be coming for Canadians AND our animals

For the first time since 2007, Health Canada is planning some progressive changes to Canada’s Food Guide–changes that–if followed–will go a long way to make a whole lot of Canadians feel a whole lot better–and healthier. Make that Canadian humans »

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Animal rights activists will continue to press their fight in 2017

As we head to a new year–many of us, no doubt, trying to put this one as far behind us in the rear view mirror as possible–it’s heartening to ponder the commitment of many who will not be deterred from »

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Some hard truths about Canadians and our treatment of farm animals

We Canadians like to pat ourselves on the back (quietly, of course) about how civilized we are (behaviour at a lot of hockey games excepted). Over 750 million farm animals animals are killed for food every year, virtually all of »

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Animal activists take death-free Calgary Stampede with a grain of salt

The Calgary Stampede, the rodeo and culture fest that supporters hail as “the greatest outdoor show on earth” wrapped up its annual 10-day extravaganza on Sunday. For the first time since 2003 no animals died or were seriously injured. Stampede »

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Canadian animal welfare activists win another round for hens trapped in cages

Canadian animal welfare activists scored another victory on Tuesday when the Retail Council of Canada announced that it will move to sourcing cage-free eggs by 2025. Hard work by animal activists is helping more hens leave their old life behind. »

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Activists say they won’t let up in battle for animal rights

After what they say was something of a breakthrough year in 2015, Canadian animal rights activists say they have no plans to let up in 2016. Animal activists say way too many animals–domestic and on farms–are mistreated. © cbc.ca Over the »