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Global ice-loss study shows ‘worst case’ scenario

A new study by British researchers into ice loss from the world’s poles and glaciers seems to fulfull ‘worst case’ scenarios predicted some 30 years ago by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) The scientists from the University of »

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Biosecurity an increasing concern in Arctic, Antarctic regions, experts warn

Eye on the Arctic brings you stories and newsmakers from around the North. As the climate warms, biosecurity issues will become an increasing concern for the polar regions says Kevin Hughes, a researcher at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and lead »

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Antarctica- melting tripled to billions of tonnes annually

Two new and separate international studies show serious concerns about Antarctic ice. One international study showed vastly increased melting in the billions of tonnes, while the other Canadian led study showed the massive ice shelves were being undermined by warming »

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Soaring warm temperatures in Arctic

The most northerly weather station in the world is at Cape Morris Jesup off the north coast of Greenland. Normally at this time of year temperatures would be in the -24 to -30 range.    Instead they’re hovering around zero and »

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Polar sea ice: growth in south, loss in north

Two poles, two extremes Polar sea ice extent in the Arctic has reached its summer minimum for the year according to data from NASA. The minimum was reached on September 13, and NASA says it’s the eighth lowest on record. »

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The Antarctic too is under stress and threat

We are hearing more and more about stress, and threats to the Arctic, but not so much about Antarctica. Most people would tend to think because the Antarctic is so distant and cold, that it’s a pristine environment and relatively safe »

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Canada’s melting glaciers contributing to sea level rise

While it is of great concern that ever more sea-ice is being lost in the Arctic and now also record lows in the Antarctic, it should be noted that sea-ice loss is not a contributor to sea-level rise. The same »

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Antarctic sea-ice heading for record minimum

What people often forget is the fact that the Earth’s two polar regions are completely different. The Arctic is an ocean surrounded and interspersed by land, while the Antarctic is a continent surrounded by ocean.  Thus the ice behaves differently. »

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Global sea ice level is at record low

Normally in the winter in the Arctic, the sea begins to freeze and sea ice extent grows.  That didn’t happen quite that way this year. Meanwhile in the Antarctic, the ice extent is also less than the typical average. The result »

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Record ozone loss over the Arctic?

Ozone is a colourless, odourless gas, and at ground level is a health hazard, but in the stratosphere it plays an important role in shielding the Earth from ultraviolet rays from the sun. Without the mitigating factor of ozone to »