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Antidepressants accumulating in fish brains: study

Scientists have found that human antidepressants are accumulating in the brains of fish that are found in the Niagara River at the heart of North America. This river flows between the United States and Canada and connects two of the» 

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Antidepressants prescribed for many people not depressed

A surprising 45 per cent of people taking antidepressants are not depressed, according to a McGill University study of medical records. Doctors are prescribing these drugs for conditions other than what they were designed for such as anxiety, insomnia, pain» 

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Autism linked to antidepressant use in pregnancy

A new study suggests there may be a link between taking antidepressants in pregnancy and the child being diagnosed with autism by age seven. The University of Montreal study found the link to be strongest with the class of drugs»