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Scientific expedition winds up in Inuit region of Atlantic Canada

A 10-day research project between an ocean conservation group and the government of the Inuit region of Atlantic Canada wound up this week after a 10-day expedition to better understand the coastline in the region. The Imappivut, (“Our Oceans” in »


Study reveals Vikings might have stayed in Canada longer than expected

The Vikings or Norses originally came from the Nordic countries but they did not stay there indefinitely. From the 8th to the 11th centuries, they began raiding and trading in parts of Europe, but also in some parts of the »

Politics, Society

Site of historical Parliament open to public

A Montreal museum is extending a major archeological dig and inviting the public to come and learn about the site of Canada’s first Parliament. In the 1800s, what is now Canada was still a colony of Britain and was ruled by »

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New findings raise doubts about first migration to Americas

For decades it was believed that the first humans came to North America from Siberia over the Bering Land Bridge and then moved south through a corridor of land opened up by melting glaciers. But new research has found that »

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Exciting discovery in Canadian Arctic.

For archaeologists and anthropologists, it’s an extremely exciting and rare find. They have begun work on a rare site of driftwood houses used by the Inuvialuit people of the high Arctic hundreds of years ago.  In fact, the one being »

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Canadian funds help bronze age archeological dig in Israel

Eight students from the University of Manitoba, and some $2.7 million in funds from the Canadian government, are helping unearth secrets from an ancient civilization. Philistine hearth, Gath was the home of the biblical character Goliath © Bar Ilan University  The »