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Canada history: Sept 13.1965: Toronto takes a bold architectural risk

Architecture should be functional but also aesthetically pleasing in a style that survives time and taste. That is clearly the case for the ‘new’ city hall in Toronto, Canada’s largest city and capital of the province of Ontario. On yesterday’s »

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Canadian architects commit to fighting climate change with new declaration

As students take to the streets around the world to demand action on climate change, Canadian architects are also engaged in the fight against this global issue. Today, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s (RAIC) Committee on Regenerative Environments is »

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Architecture- more controversy in Canada

Even as a dispute over an addition to the iconic Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa continues, another architectural debate has sprung up in western Canada. |n the city of Edmonton, capital of the province of Alberta, residents were expecting a »

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Controversial addition approved for historic landmark hotel

The iconic Chateau Laurier hotel in Ottawa has been the centre of a heated debate about architecture. The hotel, is located in the heart of the national capital and since it’s construction in 1912, has been a landmark and focal »

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Innovation or desecration? Architecture battle in the national capital

A three-year battle over an addition to the iconic Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa has been given the go ahead over massive public outcry. The hotel built in the French chateau style with turrets and steep copper roofs has been »


Heritage group blasts latest Chateau Laurier addition project

A heritage preservation group is lambasting the proposed ultra-modern addition to Ottawa’s landmark Chateau Laurier hotel built in the French Gothic style as “the most disgraceful act of heritage vandalism of our generation.” But the lead architect on the project »


….Gone.  Communications historic, heritage building torn down

It was a 10 year effort to save the Commercial Cable Building in Cape Breton, but it’s gone now forever. The building was erected in 1888 and an entire company community, Hazel Hill, was built around it for the employees »


Historic “jellybean houses” …gone

They were older than Canadian confederation itself. And they survived the great Saint John fire of 1877 which burned about 80% of the then existing city. But, they couldn’t survive local government. The three Saint John jellybean houses, so-called because »

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Book traces how rinks, arenas influenced life

Skating and hockey have been central themes in Canadian life and a new book looks at the facilities we have played in and the influence they have in urban, social and political life. Architecture on Ice: a History of the »


Canada’s threatened heritage

Canada’s iconic wooden grain elevators, a wooden Ukrainian church, the prairie grasslands, a particular lighthouse- these are all parts of Canadian heritage that have been listed as ‘threatened’ this year. The annual list of top ten heritage locations and structures »