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Arctic sea ice shrinks to 2nd lowest level in 42 years

A record warm summer in the Arctic shrank the sea ice covering the polar ocean this year to its second-lowest extent since the beginning of the satellite record in 1979, scientists announced Monday, yet another sign of how climate change »

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Global ice-loss study shows ‘worst case’ scenario

A new study by British researchers into ice loss from the world’s poles and glaciers seems to fulfull ‘worst case’ scenarios predicted some 30 years ago by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) The scientists from the University of »

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Arctic science expedition reaches North Pole due to melting sea ice

A German research icebreaker carrying an international team of climate scientists was able to reach the North Pole on Wednesday largely due lighter-than-usual sea ice conditions in the High Arctic, underscoring the dramatic changes happening in the North. The German »

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Canada names final ship in its Arctic patrol fleet after WW II navy pilot

The Royal Canadian Navy says its sixth Arctic patrol vessel will be named after Lt. Robert Hampton Gray, a Second World War navy hero. With the addition of these new ice-capable warships the military will be able to beef up »

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Arctic summer sea ice could be gone by 2035, new study forecasts

The Arctic could be completely ice-free in summers by 2035, according to a new study that compared present-day conditions with those about 130,000 years ago. The study published this week in the journal Nature Climate Change, looked at the last »

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China’s effort to buy an Arctic gold mine raises many concerns

China’s huge Shandong Gold Mining Corporation is proposing to buy Canada’s TMAC resources mine in the Arctic. Currently under review by the federal government, the $207.4 million dollar offer raises concerns not only  over China’s increasing control over the precious »

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U.S. wants to keep the Arctic an area of low tensions, top official

The United States wants to keep the Arctic an area of low tensions, Washington’s newly appointed Arctic coordinator said Wednesday even as he warned of growing big power rivalry in the region due to climate change and conflicting geopolitical interests. »

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Canadian navy receives its first new Arctic and offshore patrol ship

The Royal Canadian Navy officially received on Friday its new Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS), HMCS Harry DeWolf, first of a class of six ice-capable warships the military is expected to get to beef up its ability to protect »

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Appointment of U.S. Arctic coordinator signals more muscular American policy

The appointment of James DeHart as the U.S. coordinator for the Arctic signals the region’s growing importance to Washington as an arena of geopolitical competition with Russia and China, say Canadian and American defence experts. DeHart, a career diplomat with extensive experience in global defence and security issues, is »

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Sea ice extent in the Arctic reaches historical low in July

The Arctic sea ice extent reached a record low in July, shrinking to levels not seen since satellite observation of the region’s ice cover began in the late 1970s, according to an international team of researchers drifting in the Arctic »