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Cottage cannon: Historic WWI howitzer finds a new home.

It’s certainly not every summer cottage in a serene setting surrounded by trees and nature that has a large artillery piece commanding the view out over the tranquil lake. For many decades a German Krupp 150mm heavy howitzer from WWI,» 


History: Sept.10,1939, it’s WAR for Canada

Everyone hoped it would not come to this, but the storm clouds had been brewing for years The Munich Agreement of September 1938, signed by England, France, Germany, and Italy, had allowed Nazi Germany to occupy the “Sudetenland” portion of» 

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History- March 22, 1990: Mysterious murder of a mysterious Canadian

On this date 25 years ago, the body of Canadian Gerald Bull, was found  assassinated outside his apartment in Brussels. Gerald Bull for years had been working on a variety of secretive and highly sophisticated military weapons projects for a»