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Artist Jess Riva Cooper: ideas in 3 dimensions

Her sculptures are beautiful: sometimes very intricate and detailed, sometimes less so, being more symbolic. The  artist works in smaller individual sculptures but is also known as a larger museum-scale installation artist, but always thought-provoking Artist Jess Riva Cooper works »

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Shane Wilson- Unique artist in a unique medium, moose antler and horn.

Shane Wilson is a rare artist. Fascinated by the idea of carving at a young age, he has developed an art form that is almost unique to him alone. Now an extremely accomplished sculptor, he works in the highly unusual »

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Exhibit honours, correctly identifies female artist

Several artworks wrongly attributed to men are exhibited by a gallery in eastern Canada and now are correctly identified as being works by Caroline Louisa Daly. Daly was born in 1836 in Montreal, the daughter of the lieutenant-governor (queen’s representative) »


The art of Ken Danby (1940-2007) quiet realist

The late Ken Danby’s artistic ability was huge.   A new coffee-table sized book has just been published; a sort of autobiography on his life and work. *True North* 1998- Ken Danby The book published by Goose Lane Editions is simply »

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Bronze sculpture, religion, and artist Tim Schmalz

Even as a very young man, Timothy Schmalz had religion in his life. However a change came about early his artistic career and he became much more inspired by religion. Artist Tim Schmalz and his sculpture and tribute to Padre »

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Film pays tribute to Inuit artist

Kenojuak Ashevak was influenced by the landscape and lifestyle she lived in Cape Dorset. © CBC Canadians will soon know more about the late aboriginal artist Kenojuak Ashevak and how her work influenced the art coming from the north. A film »

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History: the enduring mystery of Canada’s “Van Gogh” , July 8, 1917

He was handsome, strong, a real outdoorsman, a brilliantly talented artist, and mysteriously dead in the prime of life, Tom Thomson’s story could not be more intriguing. Called by some as Canada’s Van Gogh, or the painting version of Keats, »

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Ontario painter Michael Kilburn

Sweeping landscapes evoking the majesty of the Ontario wilderness, the peace of nature undisturbed by human hand, the rustic nature of tilting buildings in rural Newfoundland, the boats and sea, or the seabirds, ocean, and warm scenes of Florida, all »

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ART- Canadian landscape artist Dominik Modlinski

Growing up in Poland, Dominik Modlinski always knew he wanted to be an artist. Beginning with art school in Warsaw, he and his family later emigrated to Canada where he continued in art colleges here. It is in Canada where »

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Artist who photographed unoccupied spaces, Lynne Cohen, has died of cancer

Best known for her photos of unoccupied spaces, Montreal contemporary artist Lynne Cohen has died at the age of 69 of lung cancer. Her photos of the interiors of homes or institutions included living rooms, public halls, retirement homes, laboratories, offices, showrooms, shooting ranges, »