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Money laundering in British Columbia: First casinos, now exotic cars

Money laundering definition from the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) : the process used to disguise the source of money or assets derived from criminal activity. There are generally three stages in the process: -Placement: involves» 


Alaska drilling, China, and the Arctic Council handover to Iceland : Northern news to watch for in 2019

All year long, Eye on the Arctic brings you news, and newsmakers, from around the North. But as 2019 gets underway, we’ve taken a pause to check in with our Eye on the Arctic expert bloggers to get their take» 

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Is your honey, really pure?

Yikes “fake” honey This may come as a surprise. Nature’s most popular worldwide natural sweetener, is being messed with. Nature magazine reports that honey is the world’s third most-adulterated food. A research study published in the science journal was entitled» 

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Shark finning: Canada close to ban on import of shark fins

After years of campaigning against the practice of shark finning and the sale of fins, Canada is moving close to a ban. Although the actual practice has been banned in Canada since 1994, shark fins can still be imported. According» 

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Movement to end “elephant rides” and animal abuse

An international animal welfare group is once again pushing to end the practice of elephant rides and shows for tourists. The World Animal Protection society says there are currently about 3,000 elephants in Asia used as tourist attractions whether for» 

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Public input vs. the secrecy of free trade talks

The citizens advocacy group the Council of Canadians is decrying the ongoing secrecy of new international free trade talks. Highly secret talks were held in the past two weeks with China, and with TPP nations. In addition, the Council’s concerns» 

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The Arctic Council at 20

The Arctic Council is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month. The international forum has Canadian roots and was established on September 19, 1996 when the world’s circumpolar nations signed the Ottawa Declaration, outlining the new forum’s focus: sustainable development and environmental protection. To mark the» 

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Turtle smuggler gets jail time

Chinese-Canadian sold thousands of turtles to China A 27-year old university student in Canada of Chinese origin, will spend almost 5 years in an American jail for smuggling turtles to China. Canadian citizen and Ontario resident, Kai Xu was a regular» 

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Canada’s Asia Challenge: Creating competence in next generation

Canada has little information on how it’s doing in preparing its next generation for an Asia-centred world, and it’s behind other countries such Australia, New Zealand, the US and Germany in promoting Asia competence, according to a study released Monday (November»