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Asian Heritage month: Dr. Tanaka: promoting Japanese Indie bands to Canadians

Vancouver-born Steven Tanaka trained for years for a complex medical career to become an anesthesiologist. He practices at St Joseph Hospital in Toronto.  But one suspects that he secretly wanted to be a rock star. In some ways he now »

William Gun Chong circa 1943. Photo presumably taken between missions when he was often dressed in worn clothes as a homeless peasant to avoid Japanese forces attention as he carried out his missions ( via Chinese Canadian Military Museum)

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Asian Heritage Month: Canadian secret agent and hero William Gun Chong

The unlikely Canadian undercover agent awarded the British Empire Medal Unlike the dapper spies of movies, an undercover agent has to be inconspicuous. Thus, Canadian Bill Chong, often dressed like a homeless peasant became one of the most successful of »

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Comedian listed as noteworthy figure for Asian Heritage Month

Shaun Majumder is an award winning actor and comedian and he is listed by the government of Canada as a noteworthy historical figure during this, Asian Heritage Month. “These photographs and stories highlight some of the many valuable contributions made »

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Asian heritage month: Norm Kwong ”The China Clipper”

It was another case of sheer talent, drive, and determination breaking down barriers. In this case, it was in sports, business, and politics. Norman Kwong became the first Chinese-Canadian to play in the Canadian Football League (CFL).  At 5’9” and »

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1933 soccer team honoured in Asian Heritage Month

The Chinese Students’ Soccer Team was formed in Vancouver in 1920 and its success provided hope and inspiration at a time of discrimination against the Chinese community in Canada. The team is one of a list of “Notable Canadians of »

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Union laments exploitation of Asian workers

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada and the Ontario Federation of Labour is using the occasion to raise awareness about economic and social barriers faces by those of Asian and South Asian descent. Chinese restaurant workers in Toronto face »