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Ex-hostage Joshua Boyle: acquittal on sex assault and other charges

The strange case of Canadian Joshua Boyle has come to a end, although not completely. Boyle 36, and his American wife Caitlan Coleman, 33, had been the subject of international news, and questions about his  decisions, after he led his »


Lawsuit against Catholic oratory in Quebec may proceed

It’s a case of alleged sexual abuse going back as much as 40 years ago and involves one of Catholicism’s iconic institutions in Canada, the St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal The Supreme Court of Canada in a 5-4 decision has »


Desperate families flee assaults on Idlib, Syria

The United Nations says that a full-on conflict in Syria’s Idlib province would very likely increase human rights violations and generate a humanitarian catastrophe. After eight months of relative calm, the Syrian government and its allies have launched ground and »

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Doctors and guns: a different view (interview)

(public comments may take up to 24hrs  for approval before appearing) Recently a group of Canadian physicians began a campaign to ban handguns and certain rifles. The group called Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns (CDPG) received a great deal »

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Death of suspect after arrest: Police gloves: a weapon?

An Ottawa police officer is facing a charge of manslaughter in a case involving a particular type of gloves that police sometimes wear. These are not your woolen winter gloves, or thin leather driving gloves however, they are reinforced across »


General reports ‘sobering’ statistics on sexual misconduct

A survey of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces shows 960 members of the military reported they were sexually assaulted over the past year. One-quarter of women said they had been assaulted at least once over their careers, as »

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Leader spurs her campaign against sexual violence

Canada’s most populous province will get $1.1 million a year for the next three years to support treatment centres in hospitals for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Premier Kathleen Wynne says she wants to reduce the number of »