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Astronomers vs tech giants in space

Too much reflection; difficult to detect incoming asteroids, meteors On a clear night, perhaps while camping or out in the country away from city light pollution, you look at the sky and marvel at the stars. You might also see »

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Astronomy PhD Student at UBC discovers 17 new potential planets

An astronomy student completing her PhD research at the University of British Columbia has discovered 17 new planets according to research that was published in The Astronomical Journal last week. Michelle Kunimoto is working on her PhD in the Department »

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Asteroid flyby: It was close, but the Earth is OK

It’s a large potato-shaped rock, roughly the size of a typical house. But it’s travelling at over 26,000 km/h relative to Earth’s speed. And although scientists were certain it posed no danger, it was a close shave in that it »

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Canadians to witness rare Mercury transit

Canadian astronomy buffs from coast to coast are pointing their telescopes at the sun hoping catch a glimpse of a rare astronomical event. Planet Mercury began making its way across the face of the sun at 7:12 a.m. ET and will »

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Putting a new spin on galaxies

A university researcher in Ontario has shaken up the world of astrophysics recently. George Conidis is a York University PhD candidate in astrophysics. who has just received a prestigious MITACS* award this week for his work in understanding the universe. He discovered »