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Judge slams Canada’s system for detention of asylum seekers

A judge has set free a refugee claimant and called the system for detaining some asylum seekers arbitrary and Kafkaesque. This refers to a book written by Franz Kafka which describes a senseless and menacingly complex justice system. A judge »

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Canadian military builds camp to house asylum seekers near U.S. border

The federal government is deploying about 100 Canadian soldiers to build a temporary camp to house up to 500 asylum seekers near the Canada-United States border in Quebec. The soldiers from Joint Task Force East will set up modular tents »

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March brings another increase in asylum claims from Mexico

The month of March saw another increase in the number of Mexicans seeking asylum in Canada with 110 new claims, according to new figures released by the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB). There have been 266 asylum claims from Mexico »

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Snowden protectors face deportation, want asylum in Canada

The asylum seekers who sheltered NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden in Hong Kong in 2013 are facing imminent deportation and lawyers want Canada to quickly accept them as refugees. There are four adults and three children who may be put »

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Opposition calls on government to crack down on illegal border crossings

It’s not a flood yet but the growing trickle of asylum seekers illegally crossing the Canadian border with the United States, has officials in Ottawa worried they might face a torrent of refugee claimants fleeing President Donald Trump’s crackdown on »

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Calls to reassess rejected Roma refugee claimants

Roma asylum-seekers who were deported back to Hungary deserve to finally get a fair hearing in Canada, says Jennifer Danch, a Toronto law student and Roma refugee advocate. Danch made a five-month trip to Hungary to see what has become »

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Former official decries slow refugee processing

It’s ‘a mystery’ why Canada is not processing Syrian refugees more quickly, says Mike Milloy, a former Canadian government official who oversaw the acceptance of tens of thousands of Asians in the late 1970s. In the wake of the fall »