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Beloved Montreal priest dies

Father Emmet Johns was a priest in Montreal, but one who’s “chapel” was mostly the downtown streets of the city. His death at age 89 was announced this past weekend. In 1988, after a lifetime as a parish priest, at» 

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Beluga whale genome sequenced in Canada

Beluga whales Qila and Aurora fell ill and died at the Vancouver Aquarium in November 2016 but their DNA will contribute to efforts to preserve this species at risk. Researchers say they have collected enough DNA samples from the mother» 

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U Guelph study finds majority of shark fins, ray gills from species at risk

A study of shark fins and ray gill plates for sale in markets has shown that a majority are from endangered species. The University of Guelph used its unique DNA library to identify exactly the various species. Dirk Steinke is»