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Canadian athletes ask for clarity on Olympic anti-protest rule

Canadian athletes are asking the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to clarify and define the certain aspects of their anti-protest rule.  In a statement on Monday, Canadian Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission (COC AC), have put forward seven recommendations to the IOC’s »

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New international sports body to empower athletes

CBC/BBC announce new group to give international-level athletes a strong voice A former top executive of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and a top Olympic cyclist are behind a new athlete-based international sports body. Called Global Athlete, the new body »


Coalition seeks independent body to deal with athlete abuse

A coalition of different sports organizations, researchers and retired athletes wants the government to establish a single, independent body to handle abuse, harassment and discrimination against athletes. “Right now we’re in a system that’s self-regulated,” says Ashely LaBrie, executive director »

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Canada apologizes to Russian athletes as Russian hacking group slams Ottawa

Canadian Olympic Committee officials have issued a half-hearted apology to athletes from Russia following an alleged verbal altercation between a member of the Canadian delegation and a member of the Russian team at the Pyeongchang Winter Games in South Korea. The »

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Doping casts ‘dark shadow’ on Olympics, says ethics advocate

The twists and turns of the doping scandal involving Russian athletes is “very, very messy” and has caused a lack of confidence in the Olympics on the part of athletes and the public, says Paul Melia, president and CEO of »


Olympics to receive most-ever Canadian athletes

Canada is sending 225 athletes and 87 coaches to the Pyeongchang Olympics which start February 9. That makes up the largest-ever delegation and the largest number of athletes to be sent to a winter games. Of the Canadian athletes competing, »

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Keeping strong, keeping muscle: Elderly world-class athletes- is it exercise or genetics or both?

As we age we start losing abilities. We lose brain cells for example, but also motor neural cells, meaning we start to lose muscle strength. A  new study shows however that ‘elite” athletes even into the 80’s manage to retain »

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Massive scandal in international sport

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), has released a devasting report today about international sports competitions and systemic doping, along with allegations of bribery and extortion.. The report was particularly damning of Russia saying it ran a “state-supported” doping programme, and »


New Olympic mittens will help fund athletes

Three Canadian gold medallists have modelled this year’s Olympic mittens which will be sold to raise money to help Canadian athletes going to the games. The program was created just before the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and was a big hit »


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Your hosts this week, Lynn Desjardins, Carmel Kilkenny, and Marc Montgomery Gay speed skaters Blake Skjellerup and Anastasia Bucsis feature in the documentary To Russia With Love, about the gay rights controversy at the Sochi Winter Olympics © “To Russia With »