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Technology use in research of endangered right whales

Even as rescuers attempt to free three right whales tangled in fishing gear, scientists are continuing research into better understanding the whales and how man’s activities and noise may affect them. Barry Wright (PhD) a visiting research fellow with the »

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Concern over serious fish decline off Newfoundland

They’re a tiny fish, but a critical link in the food chain. Conservationists, fishermen and the government are all concerned about a huge decline of up to 70 per cent, in the capelin population off the coasts of Newfoundland and »

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Canada sets up 7 new marine refuges off Arctic and Atlantic coasts

The federal government announced Thursday the creation of seven new marine refuges to protect vital habitat off Canada’s Arctic and northern Atlantic coasts. The new marine refuges off the coasts of Nunavut and Newfoundland and Labrador will cover a 145,598-square-kilometre swath »

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Race for the lobster

It’s lobster season once again off Canada’s east coast province of Nova Scotia. Delayed yesterday by bad weather hundreds of boats loaded with traps sped off just before dawn at 6:00 AM. The race was to get to the best »

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First Newfoundlander named to Supreme Court

The prime minister has named Justice Malcolm Rowe to serve on the Supreme Court of Canada, assuring the Atlantic provinces of their traditional representation on the country’s highest court. He will be the first justice to be named from the »

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Puffins starve: More climate change?

They are a quite distinctive seabird. Some 95 percent of Atlantic puffins breed around Newfoundland and Labrador,  and indeed are that province’s official bird. They do however have colonies all around Canada’s maritime provinces and in parts of the northeastern »

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A world’s first? Challenging the North Atlantic-autonomously

It has been years of work for a variety of engineering and computer science students at the University of British Columbia. They are now just a day away from the final phase of all that work and perhaps accomplishing something »

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Newfoundland offers a very unique ship simulator for offshore supply vessels.

It’s a unique, and extremely valuable training tool for those seeking to pilot ships working around the deep sea oil drilling platforms. Memorial University of Newfound and Labrador has just completed installation of an extremely high-tech new teaching tool called »

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Tuna quota increase surprises, dissappoints conservationists

The 19th meeting of International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) concluded this week in Genoa, Italy with decision to raise quotas on bluefin tuna. Among conservationists there is great surprise and shock at the decision. The government »

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Montrealer Mylène Paquette finishes solo row across Atlantic

Canadian Mylène Paquette has become the first North American woman to row solo across the North Atlantic. The city of Montreal native left the Atlantic coast port city of Halifax just over four months ago in a specially designed boat powered »