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Canadian COVID-19 vaccine begins clinical trials in Australia

Canadian biotechnology company Symvivo Corporation says it has begun a clinical trial of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate in Australia. The British Columbia-based company specializing in gene therapy announced Monday the enrollment and dosing of the first healthy volunteer with its »

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Plastics bans, climate plans delayed due to virus

Plastic is the boon and bane of modern society. There’s no denying its fantastic multitude of inexpensive and eminently handy uses. There’s also no denying the environmental harm it does. Around the world, several countries now trying to reduce that »

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Former Australian PM on a “flaky” Justin Trudeau

Australia’s former Prime MInister Malcolm Turnbull gives a behind the scenes look at the often Machiavellian world of politics in his just released book In the autobiography- The Bigger Picture- which is mostly about Australian politics, Turnbull has a short »

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Canada-Australia: Joint wildfire equipment sharing?

Canada and Australia share many things; both are young countries, huge territories, sparsely populated rural areas, vast forested regions, and enormous wildfires. The current and deadly monster wildfires in Australia have prompted the revival of an idea first proposed four »


More Canadian firefighters arrive in Australia to battle inferno

A new group of Canadian firefighters and wildfire experts has arrived in Australia to help fight devastating bushfires that have already killed 25 people and destroyed more than 2,000 homes, scorching an area the size of Nova Scotia and Prince »


Canada sends 21 firefighters to battle Australian bushfires

Canada dispatched 21 fire management specialists to New South Wales on Tuesday to help authorities in the southeastern Australian state battle raging bushfires that threaten several coastal communities, officials at Natural Resources Canada said. This is the first time Canadian »

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Canada History: Dec. 1, 1969: Cash and convenience finally meet

In the “good old days” if you needed cash, you had to make to the bank during their relatively limited public hours Monday to Friday. Forget weekends, or after hours, if you ran short it was too bad. So it »


Canada stands ready to assist Australia in fighting raging wildfires

The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC) is sending a liaison officer to Australia to work with authorities there on determining what assistance Canada can provide as Australian firefighters struggle to contain more than 150 fires raging on both the »

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Canada History: Aug 8, 1918: WWI- the beginning of the end

Epic battle and Canada’s 100 days. By this time in the First World War, Canadian troops had come to be feared by the Germans as the best of the Entente (Allied) forces. The Canadian reputation had begun early in the »

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‘Super-weeds’- a new and growing problem for farming

You’ve heard of antibiotic resistant “super-bugs”, now we have herbicide resistant “super-weeds” We have long been hearing about the very serious concern of anti-biotic resistant bacteria, but farmers around the world are facing a similar type of problem. Weeds are »