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As avalanche risk increases, government funds prevention

The Canadian government says avalanches are the country’s deadliest natural hazard and they occur in almost every province and territory. It adds that the risks posed by avalanches are increasing as more people take part in backcountry sports and because »


Avalanche presumed to have killed 3 international climbers

One American and two European men are missing and presumed dead in an avalanche in Banff National Park in western Canada. The government agency, Parks Canada, says the three were professional mountain athletes and highly experienced. They were attempting to »


Special avalanche warning issued for western Canada

Many Canadians complain about the long cold winter, but others can’t wait to get out and enjoy the beauty and the snow. Several snow storms have hit the western province of British Columbia and, with a forecast for clear weather »

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New technique helps map avalanche risk

Researchers in Colorado, U.S., have developed a new technique to help deal with the dangers of avalanches. Safety teams in mountainous regions use explosives to loosen snow that might otherwise accumulate and eventually slide down with deadly effect. Jeffrey Deems »


Backcountry skier swept over cliff dies

Trevor Sexsmith, 27, died when a small avalanche swept him over a cliff near Lake Louise in western Canada’s Rocky Mountains. Sexsmith and other backcountry skiers travel to remote locations, sometimes over water, and climb mountains to ski down pristine »


Avalanche warnings for Easter weekend

Authorities in western Canada’s Rocky Mountains have issued a special avalanche warning for March 25 to 28.  It is Easter weekend in Canada and may people have time off work for this period. While it’s a great time to ski »


Avalanche advisory follows deaths of five people

A special advisory about avalanche risk has been issued after five snowmobilers died on January 29, 2016 near Revelstoke in the western province of British Columbia. There were 17 people riding in Mount Renshaw Alpine Recreation Site when the snow »