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Legend in Canada’s north, and Canadian aviation passes

His name is Max Ward,  He died this week at his home in Alberta just shy of his 99th birthday. Born in Edmonton in 1921, he obtained his pilot’s licence in 1941 and then became an instructor in the Royal »

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Union renews plea for aviation industry help

Canada’s largest private sector union is urging the federal government to apportion some of its rapid testing kits to the aviation sector to help it recover from drastic damage to it caused by the pandemic. The aviation industry is particularly »

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Canada History: Apr 28, 1939: the unexpected arrival of Soviet record flight

The year 1939 began in hope, The World’s Fair was being held in New York City, with the theme of “The Land of Tomorrow” to open on April 30. The still young Soviet Union was eager to promote itself as »

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Iran approves 2 visas as Canada seeks more access to air crash investigation

Iranian authorities have approved two visas for Canadian diplomats and air crash investigators standing by in Ankara, as they wait for Iran’s permission to travel to Tehran following Wednesday’s deadly Ukraine International Airlines crash that killed 63 Canadians, Foreign Affairs »

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Intelligence suggests Ukrainian airliner shot down by Iran, says Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says intelligence evidence suggests the Ukrainian passenger aircraft that crashed outside of Tehran on Wednesday, killing all 176 people on board, including 63 Canadians, was shot down by an Iranian missile. “We have intelligence from multiple »

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Canada presses Iran to grant access to Ukrainian jet crash investigation

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne spoke to his Iranian counterpart late last night, pressing him to grant Canadian officials immediate access to the site of the fatal Ukraine International Airlines plane crash that killed all 176 people aboard, including »

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138 passengers on Ukrainian flight that crashed in Iran were headed for Canada

Most of the passengers on a doomed Ukrainian flight from Tehran to Kyiv that crashed on the outskirts of the Iranian capital shortly after takeoff early Wednesday morning, killing all 176 people on board, were heading to Canada, says Prime »

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Amazing Arrow artefacts re-surface 61 years after ‘Black Friday’

The story of Canada’s CF-105 Avro Arrow jet interceptor remains arguably the most controversial chapter in Canadian aviation history, Now surprising blueprints of the Canadian supersonic jet interceptor developed by the Canadian A.V Roe company in the late 1950’s, have »

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Bombardier sells regional jet business to Mitsubishi

Canadian train and plane maker Bombardier Inc. announced today a deal to sell its regional jet program to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. for $550 million US. The deal marks the end of a historic chapter for Bombardier in commercial aviation »

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History Canada: June 14, 1919, the first non-stop transatlantic flight

In 1919, even though there had been many advances in aircraft as a result of the First World War, the aircraft industry was still very much in its infancy. With no lack of daring, people all over were challenging the »