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Low scam awareness predicts dementia: study

A new study has found that decreased awareness about phone scams may be an early indicator of impending Alzheimer dementia and its precursor, mild cognitive impairment. Researchers at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago tested 151 people for their »

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Organ donor? No traffic ticket

It’s called “second chance”. Police in Calgary Alberta have joined with other forces in California in a programme to encourage organ donation. Instead of a costly ticket for offences like an illegal U-turn, or a parking violation or others at »

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Canada funds projects on climate threats to health

Saying climate change is the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century, the government of Canada announced an investment of $1.7 million over two years to improve the health of Canadians as it relates to a changing climate. »


Dyslexia campaign draws attention to common disability

In order to raise awareness about the reading and writing disability called dyslexia, different monuments across Canada will be lit up on certain days between October 14 and 22, 2018. It’s estimated that 10-20 per cent of Canadian children have »

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When safety campaigns don’t work, reality strikes!

It started with a public safety awareness campaign, and ended with a bang…..and with a tweet from the Quebec provincially-run auto licensing and insuring agency, the Societe d”Assurance Automobile Quebec. (SAAQ) It read “Cette conductrice qui a embouti l’arrière de »