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Remaining traces of a tragic past; residential school office to be demolished

The so-called residential schools have become a dark stain on Canadian history. For well over 100 years, young indigenous children were taken from their families to be taught in centralized boarding schools often far away. They were to be taught »

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Drug overdose deaths far exceed COVID-19 in British Columbia

Since January 728 overdose deaths, 189 COVID deaths In Canada’s west coast province of British Columbia, deaths from overdoses of drugs have hit record levels in May and June. In May there were 170 overdose deaths, June recorded 175, which »

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British Columbia inquiry into money laundering- billion dollar ‘industry’

Earlier police investigations into money laundering suggested that in the west coast province, the practice was a multi-billion dollar operation, with estimates as high as $7 billion in 2018. Yesterday the public inquiry heard that Canada’s highly regulated banking system »

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COVID-19: Ontario, and elsewhere, at or near the peak?

Ontario, Canada’s most populated province at over 14 million, is now indicating some hesitant optimism about infection rates. Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Ontario’s associate chief medical officer of health and Adalsteinn (Steini) Brown, dean of the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School »

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Ban the butts, girl launches anti-cigarette butt campaign

Perhaps inspired in part by Swedish 16-year-old Greta Thunberg’s campaign against global warming, but certainly in the same environmental spirit, a young British Columbia girl has launched her own campaign. It’s to stop people from casually flicking non-biodegradable cigarette butts »

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Asian carp, ash borer beetles, and now giant hornets

Various Canadian agencies concerned with the environment have been battling invasive species for years, and now a destructive new threat has arrived. A giant hornet from Asia has now joined threats from the invasive fish species known as Asian carp »

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Quebec rules for safety over turbans, religious beliefs

After years of litigation that began in 2006, the highest court in the province of Quebec has ruled workplace safety comes before religious beliefs. The ruling concerns Sikh truckdrivers who had challenged a requirement to wear safety helmets when leaving »

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Canadian Blood Services will expand, opening new plasma donation centres

Canadian Blood Services is opening three new plasma donation centres to ensure that the country’s blood supplies do not dwindle. Canada uses more human plasma products than any other country in the world after the U.S.. Most of it is »

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Salmon will be flown by helicopter after landslide blocked river

Since late June, tens of thousands of migratory salmon have been trapped behind a rock slide on the Fraser River in remote British Columbia. To help them continue their journey, Canadian authorities announced that they would fly them over the »

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Drunk driving law: Charter of Rights challenge (interview)

Case may eventually make it to the Supreme Court of Canada (public commenting is open on all RCI stories at bottom- comments will be shown after examination) The case begins with an elderly woman who went to a liquor store »