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CRISPR: Ethics and the gene editing of humans

By making genetic research so much easier, the recent technology known as CRISPR has allowed scientists an enormous advantage in research into so many areas. Unfortunately there’s a downside which raises serious ethical questions. Françoise Baylis (CM, ONS, PhD, FRSC, »


Study renews warnings about infant suffocation

A new study has found that accidental suffocation is a leading cause of injury deaths among children under one year of age in the United States, and 82 per cent of cases were attributed to accidental suffocation and strangulation in »


Expose babies to allergenic foods early, advise doctors

In a change from past practice, Canadian pediatricians are advising parents of infants at risk for allergies to feed them one common allergen at a time starting at the age of six months. Research suggests this might prevent some infants »

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Birth tourism: maybe it is a bigger problem after all

Canada is among a relatively small number of countries, mostly in the western hemisphere that allows automatic citizenship to anyone born here. What has been happening increasingly is that women from abroad are coming to Canada to have their “Canadian” »


Fewer babies sleep through the night than people may think: study

People in Canada and the western world tend to think babies should sleep through the night by the time they are six months to 12 months old. But a study out of McGill University found that many do not and »


Opioid-affected babies should be kept with moms, say doctors

The Canadian Paediatric Society has issued new guidelines for the health care of babies born suffering from exposure to their mothers’ use of opioid drugs during pregnancy. The number of children born with neonatal abstinence syndrome is going up in »

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It’s a boy, and girl and a girl and a girl, for the Toronto Zoo

(with files from Canadian Press) There are 18 penguin species around the world, and among them the African penguin is the most endangered. Two pairs of African penguins at the Toronto Zoo have laid four eggs which hatched successfully in »

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Study finds babies in Canada and the U.K. cry most

A new analysis of studies suggests that out of seven countries, Canada and the U.K. are home to babies that cry the most. Professor Dieter Wolke of Warwick University in England developed what is purported to be the world’s first »

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Medicine will cut ‘shocking’ lung infections in Inuit babies

Indigenous babies in parts of Canada’s north have the highest rates of serious lung infection in the world, research shows. But it also shows that giving a medicine called palivizumab to prevent infection can dramatically reduce that rate in some »

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Vitamin D: studies show importance for newborns

Two new studies found that when the recommended regular dosage of vitamin D was given to newborns, they had stronger bones. This wasn’t surprising.  But there was an interesting and unexpected finding as well. Hope Weiler (PhD) was the supervising researcher. »