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Federal government apologizes to Baffin Inuit for sled dog killings, forced relocations

The apology comes with $20 million to fund cultural activities and healing programs Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations Carolyn Bennett gave a wide-ranging apology to Inuit of Baffin Island in Iqaluit on Wednesday. “We failed to provide you with proper housing, »

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Technological help to deal with unpredictable ice and Arctic climate change

Canadian researchers develop unique “SmartICE” technology For Inuit communities in Canada’s far north, the freezing of the Arctic sea is vital as a central part of their culture of the Arctic. For eons, Inuit have travelled across the sea-ice for »

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History- June 3, 1578, When London streets would be paved with Canadian “gold”

Martin Frobisher, Arctic explorer leaves on his 3rd voyage June 3, 1578 The old British 19th century folk tale involving the fictional Dick Whittington and his cat, who left poverty behind in the country heading to London, a city of »