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Quebec’s premier announces plan to target racism

Quebec Premier Premier François Legault says he is setting up a group to look at ways to target racism in Quebec–despite his much-repeated view that there is no systemic racism in the province. His announcement came Monday, just hours after »

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Montreal mayor commits to action after damning report on racism

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante says she is ready to act on a report released Monday that says the city has turned a “blind eye” to systemic racism and discrimination in police and city administration. “I want you to know that »

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Putting some figures on racism in Canada

A new report examining racism in Canada has been published, confirming what a lot of people already knew from first-hand experience. The report, based on a survey by Environics Institute for Survey Research was publicly released today. It finds that »


Calgary Flames coach facing allegations of racism

For the second time in less than a month, hockey is back in the headlines for–what staunch supporters will tell you–are all the wrong reasons. In what seems like a heartbeat ago, everybody was venting–pro or con–about the firing of »

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Racial profiling ruling in Montreal called “historic”

As Montrealers of good faith continue to try to bring an end to what the city’s black community says is systemic abuse and profiling that’s been happening for way longer than too many of them care to remember, a Quebec »

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Montreal begins public consultations on systemic racism

The first-ever public consultations on systemic racism and discrimination in Montreal began Wednesday. There have been various kinds of talks, meetings and declarations on the matter for over 30 years, but activists are are hoping that this time–maybe–more than a »