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COVID-19: Canada extends ban on cruise ships.

Late last week the Canadian government announced it was extending the ban on cruise ships coming to Canada.  The move will now extend the ban until the end of February 2021. The huge cruise ship industry worldwide has been extremely »

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Canada announces national plan to ban some single-use plastics

The Canadian government plan to phase out single-use plastics which have been a major source of environmental pollution was thrown out of kilter with the arrival of the pandemic. Concerns over spreading the virus led to a resurgence of items »

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Plastic pollution concerns take back seat to COVID-19

In recent years, governments, NGO’s, environmental groups, and citizens began to become much more concerned about the ever growing amount of waste plastic in the environment. Plans were being made in Canada for a ban on single-use plastics to come »

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Plastics bans, climate plans delayed due to virus

Plastic is the boon and bane of modern society. There’s no denying its fantastic multitude of inexpensive and eminently handy uses. There’s also no denying the environmental harm it does. Around the world, several countries now trying to reduce that »

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Canada plans to support ban on heavy fuel oil in Arctic shipping

Canada will support a ban on the use of heavy fuel oil by ships plying Arctic waters at the upcoming meeting of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London, Transport Canada officials announced during a teleconference call Wednesday, according to »

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Montreal planning to ban all plastic shopping bags

Montreal Mayor, Valerie Plante wants to ban all plastic shopping bags by the end of 2020. She plans on modifying the current bylaw which already bans thin plastic bags from being used by retailers.  In a tweet, Plante said that »

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Poll finds strong worldwide support for bans on fishing endangered species

A recent international survey by Ipsos for the World Economic Forum found strong majority support for bans on catch and sale of endangered marine species.  The survey involved almost 20,000 people in 28 countries between August 23 and September 6, »

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EU bans another neonic insecticide, Canada stalls

Concerns include human health issues The European Commission this week voted not to renew the approval for ‘thiacloprid’ a Bayer /Monsanto insecticide marketed there under the brands Calypso and Biscaya. This is the fourth neonicotinoid insecticide that has been banned »

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Environmental groups welcome ban on dirty fuel by Arctic cruise operators

A coalition of environmental and conservation groups working on more environmentally sustainable shipping practices in the Arctic says it welcomes a decision by 30 expedition cruise line operators to forgo the use of heavy fuel oil while operating in the »

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Inuit group and NGOs renew calls for Arctic heavy fuel oil ban

An Inuit organization and a coalition of environmental NGOs renewed Wednesday their call for urgent action to ban ships sailing in the Arctic from using and carrying heavy fuel oil (HFO) to reduce black carbon emissions and risks of a »