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Ontario: No phones in classrooms

In an announcement Tuesday, Ontario’s Education Minister said mobile phones will not be allowed in school classrooms starting in September which is the beginning of the next school year. The reason is the claim that cell phones are a distraction »

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Ontario may ban plastic straws and single use plastic

Canada’s most populous province is exploring a ban on plastic straws and other single use plastics such as plastic untensils like those often found in fast food outlets. A document was released this week called, Reducing Litter and Waste in »

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Stronger gun control urged by new doctors’ group

Canadian doctors and other health-care professionals have formed a new group to fight for strong gun control laws including a ban on handguns and assault weapons. “Guns represent a growing public health threat. Statistics Canada reports that firearm-related violent crime »

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Proposal to ban private “for profit” blood clinics.

A member of Canada’s Senate has tabled a bill to ban “cash for blood” clinics in Canada. Traditionally blood has been collected in Canada on a voluntary basis. Independent Senator Pamela Wallin has introduced bill S-252 which would ensure private »

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Shark finning: Canada close to ban on import of shark fins

After years of campaigning against the practice of shark finning and the sale of fins, Canada is moving close to a ban. Although the actual practice has been banned in Canada since 1994, shark fins can still be imported. According »

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Greenland joins push to ban heavy fuel oil in the Arctic

Environmental and northern Indigenous communities are welcoming the decision by Greenland to push for a ban on the use of the highly polluting heavy fuel oil (HFO) in Arctic shipping. In a statement released Monday, the government of Greenland (Naalakkersuisut) »


Trans fats can no longer be added to foods sold in Canada

Eating trans fats increases the risk of heart disease and the World Health Organization is urging countries to stop food companies from adding them to their products. As of today, companies can no longer add these partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) »


A ban on handguns for Canada?

(public commenting open- scroll to bottom to submit. Comments will be posted after moderating) The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is set to examine a national ban on handguns and “assault rifle” lookalikes. In a letter to the recently created »

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Starbucks: joining the anti-plastic movment

The campaign against the millions of tonnes of plastic waste which enters the environment annually got another boost today. The huge international coffee outlet chain, Starbucks announced a plan today that it will begin phasing out use of plastic straws »

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Leaf blowers may be banned in suburb

Every year starting around September, trees shed their leaves in Canada and they accumulate in great quantities on the ground. Some municipalities, businesses and home owners use leaf blowers to amass the leaves so they can be gathered and either »