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Humanitarian groups lambast Myanmar-Bangladesh deal on Rohingyas

Humanitarian groups are speaking out against a “dangerous” and “premature” deal struck between Myanmar and Bangladesh to repatriate Rohingya refugees who have fled a campaign of violence described by the United Nations as a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” Myanmar,» 

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Ottawa expresses cautious support for Myanmar-Bangladesh accord on return of Rohingyas

The agreement between Myanmar and Bangladesh covering the return of Rohingya Muslim refugees is a step in the right direction but needs to meet several conditions before it is implemented, Canada’s International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said Thursday. Myanmar, also» 

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Canada announces matching aid fund for Rohingya refugees

The federal government is launching a special matching relief fund to help humanitarian agencies in Bangladesh to deal with the influx of nearly one million Rohingya refugees fleeing a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing in neighbouring Myanmar, Canada’s Minister of» 

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Canada provides $2.5M in urgent funding for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

The federal government announced on Friday $2.55 million in urgent funding assistance to the United Nations agencies grappling with a huge influx of Rohingya refugees fleeing from Myanmar in recent weeks to escape what the UN’s human rights chief has» 

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UNICEF calls for urgent response to care for Rohingya children

The United Nations children’s agency needs urgent financial support from international donors to care for nearly 200,000 Rohingya children who have fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar in recent weeks to escape what the UN’s human rights chief has called a» 

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A call for action after clothing factory disaster

Today is the fourth anniversary of the collapse of a factory in Bangladesh which killed 1,130 workers and injured 2,500. Since then, activists have tried to get 72 clothing and shoe retailers around the world to divulge the names and» 

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Toronto student used as human shield during Bangladesh terror attack

A University of Toronto student was used as a human shield and was forced to hold and point an unloaded weapon by Islamic militants who stormed an upscale café in Dhaka, executing 18 foreigners in July, according to reports in» 

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Family and friends call for release of Dhaka attack survivor

Family and friends of a University of Toronto student who survived a brutal terrorist attack in an upscale café in Dhaka last week are calling on authorities in Bangladesh to release him. Tahmid Hasib Khan, 22, was detained for questioning on» 

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Canada’s Loblaw to provide long-term compensation to Bangladeshi garment workers

On the six-month anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh the Canadian supermarket chain Loblaw has announced it will provide long-term compensation to victims and their families who were producing its apparel at the New Wave» 

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Major Canadian retailers sign Bangladesh factory safety agreement

Some of Canada’s biggest retailers have signed a 5-year North American pact to offer money for training and upgrading of factories in Bangladesh. The agreement signed by Canadian Tire Corp., Wal-Mart, The Gap, Hudson’s Bay Co. and other Canadian and»