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Central banks around the world cut rates in light of COVID-19

With the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down businesses and markets in countries around the world, banks and governments are moving to provide stimulus to avoid a major recession. There has been near panic selling on stock markets which »

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Bank of Canada, surprising lending rate drop

Although Canada had previously resisted the trend to lower interest rates in light of a slowing world economy, Covid-19 seems to have changed that. With an OECD warning this week, the U.S. Federal Bank and Australian reserve banks announced rate »

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Covid-19: Calls for lower bank rates amid slowing economies

As fears over the covid-19 virus rise, and the economy slows, financial experts are predicting that bank rates may be lowered to help economies. The Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) downgraded its global GDP outlook saying the economic »

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Bank rate Canada: steady as she goes

Saying its October predictions for global economic growth held, and that the global economy seems to be stabilizing, Canada’s central bank continued to buck the international and did not change its rate this week. The bank announced yesterday that the »

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Bank of Canada holds its lending rate steady

Unlike other countries like the U.S. which has cut lending rates, Canada’s central bank today announced it would hold steady and maintain its lending rate at 1.75% in spite of a worldwide weakening of global economy.  Indeed, since the last »