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Alleged discrimination for not being “gay”, court orders new hearing

A worker who claims he was discriminated against because he was not gay, will get a new hearing. Aaren Jagadeesh alleges that he was often passed over for promotion at a major Canadian bank because of his heterosexual orientation. He» 

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Bank of Canada: no rate cut, for the moment

In its first policy statement since July, Canada’s central bank has opted to hold its interest rate at 1.75 per cent. This is a difference from several other banks, including the US Federal Reserve, which have lessened rates. This seems» 

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Canada History, March 11, 1935: the first “Canadian” banknotes

It wasn’t until 1935 that Canada had what could be classed as “official unified Canadian” banknotes. There had been a variety of banknotes issued both before and after Confederation in 1867, but these consisted of the many banks across the» 

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Canada: no hike in interest rate- for now

After a lengthy and almost unprecedented level of low interest rates, Canada’s central bank had begun a slow hike in rates. This comes as the economy begins to recover and inflation has risen to about 3%. However, the Central bank» 


Smartphone fraud worries young Canadians: survey

Nearly three-quarters of Canadians aged between 15 to 34 feel they are at risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime, according to a survey by the major Canadian bank, TD Canada Trust. Of these so-called millennials, 94 per cent own» 

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Canada history: Mar.1, 1966: the Great Winnipeg Gold Heist

If this was the US they would have made a blockbuster crime-thriller feature film about one of the biggest heists in Canadian history, and the dapper mastermind behind it. Just on his other escapades alone Ken Leishman’s story would have» 


Canadians plan less holiday spending this year, but…

Christmas is a time when Canadians exchange gifts and this year they are planning to spend eight per cent less than they did last year. A survey by the major Canadian bank, CIBC, found people plan to spend an average» 

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Many Canadians have no emergency savings: bank

Canadians are saving more money now than they did in the past for financial emergencies, but almost one-quarter of them have almost nothing set aside, according to a survey for the Bank of Montreal. Respondents are most worried about emergencies» 


Canadian banks face somewhat less risk of cyberheist

Canadian banks may be less likely to be hit by the kind of recent, massive cyberattack on ATMs that netted criminals around the world 45 million dollars. Seven men have been arrested so far in the United States, but the»